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The Revery Alone

August 7th, 2012

Billy Cowie returns to the Boiler House of The Wapping Project to present 'a lyrical choreography and performance'. Based on a Emily Dickinson poem, "The Revery Alone" is a place of solitude and discovery. On this podcast Jules Wright and Billy Cowie talk about art, illusions and psychosis. Produced by Sofia Saldanha.


Yohji Yamamoto Making Waves

June 26th, 2012

"A billowing silk dress with a bamboo crinoline hangs over a lake in the middle of a former power station. The dress' reflection, distorted by a boat's oar, depicts something ethereal, something other, something that though once a wedding dress, here becomes genderless. Those who experienced Yohji Making Waves at the Wapping Project, part of a London-wide commemoration of Yamamoto’s 30 years in Europe, were invariably humbled. To one of the exhibit attendants, the scene brings to mind the River Styx. This shrine-like space was engendered with further meaning when it opened on the day the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami hit Japan in late March. Sofia Saldanha communicates this added immediateness in this piece, artfully pairing reflections from the oarsmen and the director of the Wapping Project to affecting ambient noise." Sukey Bernard, The [Un]Observed.



May 31st, 2012

On Jeju island in the North Pacific a community of women dive for pearls and food. They've been doing this for centuries. On this podcast Mikhail Karikis talks about the diving women and why he was so inspired by them. Karikis is the creator of "SeaWomen", a sound and film installation on at the Wapping Hydraulic Power Station in London until 8th July 2012. Produced by Sofia Saldanha with music by Tiago Oliveira.